Some Mistakes is Hair Care for Women

Friday, January 29th, 2016 - Medium Hairstyles

Some Mistakes is Hair Care for Women. Some errors are Haircare Women. Hair care for women who often happen to be prioritized. That’s because the hair could support the appearance. But, if you are already using this treatment it but the hair still looks dull. Maybe there is something wrong with your hair care. If you do some of the following errors:

Mistake 1: do not do regular pruning

Experts recommend that we diligently to cut at least once every 6 weeks. Trimming the goal is to eliminate part of the hair that has been damaged. Actually, part of the hair is still treatable, but because the condition was broken, it takes a long time to take care of him. So that the hair of other nutrients are met, the better part of the damaged hair is just trimming.

2 errors in hair care for women: do not use daily / clarifying shampoo

Well, if you are a person who shampooing every day, you should use a daily / clarifying shampoo. Shampoo formula that is far more soft and not hard, so it does not damage the hair and the humidity is maintained.

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