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Monday, February 29th, 2016 - Medium Hairstyles

Stylish and Vintage Hairstyle Ideas. Have you ever heard of a classic hair style? Here I will discuss it. vintage style is currently being loved women. You can look chic and casual in vintage style. You are wrong to think that a vintage style can not show you the impression of elegance and captivating. You just choose a vintage style in accordance with the desired theme and events attended. Apart from the clothes, makeup and shoes also think of this hair style that will be used. You just need to choose the right hair style personality. Make yourself comfortable with a beautiful hairstyle.

Here are some classic hair style:

Side braid, if you want to go to college or a leisurely stroll with friends, the latest hair style braid women’s side could be tried. You can look immaculate with braided hair aside to the right or left as desired. To impress relaxed and easy going, you can choose the style of braid hair messy model. That means you can braid the hair to the side with the impression of a random and irregular.

ponytail hair style, hair style is never dead. Latest hair style, you can apply in a variety of formal occasions and casual. For a relaxed impression, you just need to tie the hair using ordinary rubber. To go to a party you can tie your hair with coarse hair bling bling or ribbon.

front bangs in vintage hair style, hair bangs straight forward one of the most female hair styles that are still widely used today. You stay with the front bangs cut flat impression. suitable types of bangs to cover the forehead. You can combine them with short wavy hair that is easy to set up. You can paint her hair blond if you want to appear in bold.

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